31 January, 2011

Pretty Pictures 001

Long hair, tattoos, and leopard prints pretty much sum up my life expectations at the moment !
Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

13 January, 2011


Going back to Cardiff with my lovely Lisa, January

Dunkirk's carnival, February

Summer parties

Going on holidays with my bestfriend and turning 20, August

Being blonde :)

Christmas 2010 with my cousin

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year everyone.

02 November, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Hello lovelies, glad to be back ! My computer basically broke down in june, my summer was manic, and I started back Uni in October - I've been a busy bee. Just got a new laptop to help me study, which explains why I'm back here only now.
I woke up this morning to find that the sneak peak of the collaboration between Lanvin and H&M was finally released. This is just so good: the dresses are so classy, with lots of details. I love love love the shoes. The fur coat looks simply amazing. 
Here are a couple of my favorites :)

I can't wait for the 23rd of November, I've already started to save lol. 
What do you think ?

28 May, 2010

Hello Gorgeous

Hello and Welcome :) I started this blog 6 months ago, but since I haven't uploaded it for quite a long time and missed it a lot, here is the fresh start !

I'm gonna have to introduce myself again: I'm Marie, I'm 20, funny, easy going, and French. I love life, smiling, laughing, listening to (good) music, magazines, fashion, and watching people in the streets.
I've lived in Lyon, 2nd biggest city of France, since August 2009, but before that I was living in Cardiff (Wales), and again, before that, I was living in Dunkirk (North of France). I love my life, I've got loads of friends, most of them living in Dunkirk, I love travelling, my friends, and parties.
I'm a bag & shoe monster, I can't start a party without a good old gin&tonic, and I'm a chain smoker. And my boyfriend is living 700 miles away, which is basically horrible.

And Yeah, I love to talk :)